Gevacril Acrylics - Product Application Examples

Application Set 1

Acrylic goal: project of the Technical University Weimar

Clear cast tubes OD80/OD70mm. Gruenberg Kunststoffe

Advertising object made for Orange Swiss at the Airport Zurich

Satin tubes OD50/ID44x2000mm.

Acrylic glass shop-window with sliding doors

Clear cast sheets, cast tube red OD120/ID114mm. La Politecnica

Interior lamp University Library Bologna

Cast tube opal OD500/ID490mm. Mareco

Interior kitchen lamp

Metallic tubes gold OD100/ID94mm. Pleksi Ticaret

Rain breaker

Clear cast acrylic tubes and rods. GEVACRIL ACRYLICS

Lamp with glitters at the airport Amsterdam

Clear cast tubes OD250/ID240mm. Pyrasied Kunststoffen

Interior lamp at ZKM (Museum Karlsruhe/Germany)

Clear cast tubes OD300/ID292mm.

Sales display for Davidoff perfumes

Satin tube OD200/ID194mm, clear cast dome OD750mm.

Street lamp in Riga

Satin tube OD100/ID94mm. Tööstuplast

Acrylic dice

Cast acrylic bar 120x120mm. La Politecnica

Acrylic candy bins, made for candy stores

XT clear tubes OD120/ID114mm.

Sugar bin for Roxy Bar, Rom

XT acrylic tubes. La Politecnica

Modular structure system made for CANT

Clear XT tubes OD34/ID28mm. Paxton

Acrylic candy bins, made for candy stores

Clear cast continued tube OD200/ID194mm.

Art object from the Art Academy in Brera, Milan, Italy

Colored cast tubes. GEVACRIL ACRYLICS


Cast acrylic rods OD40mm.

Interior lamps of a mall center in Slovenia

Satin tubes OD250/ID242x2000mm. Acrytech

Decoration with acrylic tubes

Clear cast tube OD120/ID114mm.

Partition wall in a mall center

FLUOR-ACRYL rods OD30mm.

Banister in a private home

XT acrylic rods with bubbles OD40mm. Pleksi Ticaret

Wine cooler

Clear cast tube OD220/ID200mm.

'Museum Bahnsteig' project, Museum of Industry, Oberhausen, Germany

XT opal tubes OD100/ID94mm. Light Art Designer: Atelier Christoph Stark

Water fountain, Siena, Italy

Clear cast tube OD500/ID490mm. Light Designer: Ingo Maurer

Design lamp at the 'Light and Building', Frankfurt, Germany

Satin tube OD200/ID194mm, cast clear tube OD150/ID140mm.

Cosmetic display, Lancome, Paris

Cast clear bars 30x30mm. Abaqueplast

'Lumina' lamp, Hilton Hotel, New York, USA

Cast coloured tube OD120/ID114mm. ACI Plastics

Street lamp, Museum Quartier, Wien, Austria

XT tubes white opal OD200/ID194mm. Augmueller Kunststoffe

Industrial silo for masterbatches

Cast tubes clear OD500/ID490mm.Gruenberg Kunststoffe

Acrylic rod wall

Cast acrylic clear rods OD30x3000mm. Abbey Distribution

Application Set 2

Balustrade in a shopping mall.

Cast acrylic rod 40mm.

Clothes rail in a private house in Chicago.

Cast rod 45mm.

Bar at Lingotto (FIAT), Turin.

Cast acrylic rods 15mm.

Coffee pads holder, Nespresso shop, old town Turin.

XT tubes 50/44mm.

Art object from Vera Roehm (ART KARLSRUHE 2007).

Cast acrylic bars 100mm.

Art object at a gallery in Frankfurt.

FLUOR-ACRYL rod 40mm. Gruenberg Kunststoffe

Art object at a gallery in Frankfurt.


Balustrade, privat house Como.

Cast acrylic rods 40mm and sheets.

Lamp (stand at the fair Duesseldorf).

Cast acrylic tube opal 300mm.

Art object at a gallery in Frankfurt.

FLUOR-ACRYL rod 40mm. Gruenberg Kunststoffe

Display at Viscom Istanbul 2007.

Cast acrylic tube 400mm. Pleksi Ticaret

Display at Viscom Istanbul 2007.

Cast acrylic tube 400mm. Pleksi Ticaret

Lamps at K-2007 Duesseldorf.

Cast acrylic tubes 500mm.

Display in a company building.

Cast acrylic tube 400mm.

Partition in a night club in Tallinn.

Cast acrylic bubble rods 40mm.

Composition of tubes at a dance performance in Heidelberg.

Cast acrylic tubes. GEVACRIL ACRYLICS

Designer lamp.

Cast acrylic tubes opal 120mm.

Plast exhibition Estland.

Cast colour domes 1000mm.

Lamps from the ceiling at a lounge bar in Riga.

Triangle acrylic bars 10x10x10mm.

Lamps in a private house.

Cast acrylic domes 300mm.

Office desk lamp.

Cast acrylic rod 20mm.

Scale parapet in a shop in Milan.

Cast acrylic rod 40mm

Fountain in Iseo, Italy.

Cast acrylic tubes and rods.

Lamp 'rainbow'.

Satin tube 100mm.

Concavia lamp.

Satin tube 80mm.

Scale parapet in a private house.

Cast acrylic rod 40mm.

Scale parapet in a shop in Rome.

Cast acrylic rods and balls.

Display for jewellery.

Cast acrylic tubes, cones and plates.

Design object.

La politecnica

Scale parapet in a private house.

Cast acrylic rod 40mm.

Application Set 3

Outdoor lamp (project).

Pattern with leaves on a cast acrylic tube.


Cast acrylic balls.

Design lamps.

Coloured cast acrylic tubes.

Display cases.

Cast acrylic tubes 400/392mm

Lighting rods in different colours.

XT acrylic tubes 60/54mm.

Hanging lamps.

Cast acrylic rods 20, 30mm.

Modern gramophone board made of ..

.. Acrylic rod 200mm.

Hand rail.

Acrylic bubble rods 40mm.

Huge containers.

XT acrylic tubes, Christmas tree balls.

Combination of lamps.

XT acrylic tubes 50/44mm.

Chicco UV lamp.

FLUOR-ACRYL rods 40mm.

Various indoor lamps.

Cast rods and bars.

Lamp by Bencore. Fuorisalone Exhibition, Milan.

XT opal tube 200mm.

City of the Future' Architectural Museum Milan.

XT coloured tube and FLUOR-ACRYL rods.

Hotel Fountain.

Clear cast acrylic tubes 200-500mm.

Art Sculpture 'Neon Landscape'.

Coloured cast acrylic tubes 50mm.

Outdoor Lamp.

Cast acrylic opal tube 200mm.

Street lamps, Frankfurt.

Acrylic tubes, partial matt.

'Chicco' by Gelsi.

Rods, Bars and FLUOR-ACRYL rods.

Art Object 'Spot'.


Large display case.

XT acrylic tubes 40/34mm.

Dining table and a vase.

Metallic tube 150/144mm.

Protection Column.

PC tube 200/194x6000mm.

Flat screen stand.

Extruded acrylic sheets and bars.

Home Lamps.

Coloured cast domes 800mm.

P.O.S. Display.

Cast acrylic dome 500mm.

Fluid movement control display.

Cast tube 120/100mm.


Cast acrylic tubes 610mm.

Industrial dryer.

Cast acrylic tubes 500mm.

Coffee bean movement.

XT acrylic tube 100/94mm.