Order Samples

GEVACRIL® estimated distributors have the possibility to purchase our samples-sets at favourable prices (lump sum) in order to promote GEVACRIL® semi-finished items in their corresponding markets.


ACRYLBOX: A general assortment of GEVACRIL ACRYLICS® products consisting of XT Tubes, Cast Tubes, Rapid Cast Tubes, PC Tubes, XT and Cast Bars, FLUOR-ACRYL® Rods, OPAL Tubes and SATIN Tubes. EUR 25,00
ACRYLBAG: A selection of GEVACRIL ACRYLICS® main XT products such as XT Rods, Half-Round Rods, Bars, Triangle Bars, FLUOR-ACRYL® Rods & Bars. EUR 10,00
Profiles: A sample bag of GEVACRIL ACRYLICS® new high impact PMMA profiles. EUR 5,00