Recycling & Environmental Aspects

Environmental Protection

Another fundamental issue for our management is to respect the Earth's environment in return for the benefit of economic development.
The United Nations, in its report of 1987 titled "Our Common Future", indicated the principle of "Sustainable Development", the development to satisfy the needs of the present generation without impairing those of our future generations.
We take this message very seriously and have great responsibility for the future. For this reason Gevacril is performing its business activities fulfilling social responsibility:

  1. GEVACRIL® acrylic products are mostly intended for the manufacture of long-life, high-quality articles and less for products meant to be consumed within a short time. Thanks to its resistance to aging and weathering, GEVACRIL® Acrylics remains fully functional even after many years, and does not need to be replaced at an early stage.
  2. Besides, given correct fabrication, GEVACRIL® Acrylics releases no pollutant substances to the environment.
  3. At the end of its product life and, in case, after separation from other materials, GEVACRIL® Acrylics can be used for chemical or mechanical recycling.